Standard LYRIC T-Shirt, Black

from What Would Tilda Swinton Do


T-shirts available in:
- Black; Various sizes (M or F, S/M/L/XL)
- Lyrics from the songs
"Kill" -In another life I think I shot the leader- OR
"Extinction" -Babe, we are in danger of extinction-

Lyrics on the front + band name on the back.
Entirely hand-painted in various colors by the band.

If you are interested in supporting us further and contributing to our process, would you consider purchasing our EP? You can do it right on this website, and name your own price!
Thank you!

Big thanks to Lisa Tritscher (photo concept and model)

ships out within 3 days

  $15 USD



What Would Tilda Swinton Do Brooklyn, New York

Conceived by Austrian-Canadian vocalist Suzie Léger and backed by Tania Kass (drums, vocals) Tom Fiset (guitar, vocals, synth) and Jason Smith (bass),WWTSD strives to connect to those who fall between the cracks of the city's musical underground.

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